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Water Damage Testimonials

Melanie and Joe were true professionals, outstanding representation of SERVPRO of Denton. Top quality workmanship and professionalism. Customer care and service was some of the best I've received in a very long time. Would highly recommend.

SERVPRO of Denton was on site within an hour of our phone call after some significant flooding.  They showed up with all their equipment and were ready to go with cleanup.  They communicated with us really well.  Thanks to the SERVPRO Team from the Serve Denton Team!

We called them after hours and Ibrahim Hamadan and his co-worker came promptly. They assessed the water, tore the wood out and carried it away and set up the blowers. Promised to come back in the morning to check everything and were there right on time. VERY IMPRESSED! I will be telling everyone I know how wonderful they are!

PERSONAL SERVICE!!! I had a frozen hot water pipe issue and came home to a wet mess. SERVPRO handled all the contents in my apartment as if they were their own things. The project manager, Rebecca Prater, is far beyond awesome. She knew I was stressed out with the whole mess, and went out of her way to assure me that all of my belongings would have the best of care. She even called to check on me after an extremely stressful day dealing with another company, who was handling the water cleanup. She had the person who would be packing my stuff come by to meet me, to help put my fears to rest. SERVPRO packed up all my contents and UNPACKED as well. When I walked in to my apartment, everything was back in place!!! For a second, I thought maybe I dreamed the apartment was flooded because my stuff was put back JUST LIKE I HAD IT! MY STRESS LEVEL DROPPED 200% SEEING MY APARTMENT ALL BACK IN ORDER! I cannot find the words to describe just how incredibly amazing Rebecca, her crew, and SERVPRO were in helping me get through this nightmare! If every company treated customers like Rebecca Prater, no one would ever have a bad day. Thank you Rebecca...for everything!!

Excellent Service! We had a water line break freeze and break while we were at work. The damage was extensive but SERVPRO was out within the hour vacuuming up the water and setting up fans and heaters to minimize the damage. Patrick, Arthur and Jeremy were out every day checking on the progress. They were all very professional, friendly and courteous. We would rather not have had the experience but SERVPRO was there to help and get us on the road of putting our house back together.

Our hospital flooded last week. Affected 10 rooms and caused us to move several patients o other rooms. We were nervous that our patients would be affected for several days but SERVPRO of Denton showed up and stayed through the day to get us back and running.

I am a roofer and when we were putting a roof on; the home owner comes out saying her hot water busted. Even though we weren't the cause, we still stepped in and did our best to help the situation. We called SERVPRO of Denton and from the time we called to the time the job was taken care of, was a couple hours. Will continue to use them.

SERVPRO of Denton did an excellent job! Very professional.

Great job!

Excellent service from start to finish!

I will be recommending SERVPRO to my family and friends. They were professional and prompt. Always answered my calls.

I will be recommending SERVPRO to people I know. They did a superb job!

Very courteous and polite. Completely satisfied with the services that were provided.

We have been very impressed with every single person that we have interacted with. Thank you!

Very courteous, polite and professional.

I was impressed by the SERVPRO personnel and will definitely recommend them to my family and friends!